School Bus Rental

Continental Charter Bus Shreveport is a company that caters the best school bus rental options for schools. It is quite common for parents and school administrators to be picky about the company that they go for. With years of experience in the niche, we know exactly what to provide for the kids. We promote safety, comfort, and even add some entertainment features to keep everyone relaxed during the entire trip.
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We understand that as a parent and school administrator, the last thing that they want is to have a bus service that won’t meet their expectations. Continental Charter Bus Shreveport offers different types of buses that school admins can choose from. We have large buses that can accommodate up to 60 kids. On the other hand, we also cater smaller buses that can accommodate a sports team on their trips. Regardless of your concerns, all you have to do is to just contact us and we are more than happy to help you.

Trained and Experienced Drivers

What makes school administrators confident about renting chartered buses from Continental Charter Bus Shreveport is the fact that we have trained and experienced drivers. We understand that school administrators and parents are concerned who is behind the wheel. In order to keep everyone safe, we only hire experienced and trained professionals to drive for us. And if it requires long hours of driving, we have two drivers on-board. This way, we can minimize fatigue and ensure that the driver stays focused.

Well-Maintained and Clean

We have been known in the industry for providing some of the best bus rental services to our clients. Our chartered buses are known for cleanliness and for being well-maintained. Our staff ensures that the buses are cleaned every day. This way, you enter the bus smelling fresh.

We have mechanics who check the buses right after every use. Aside from the usual inspections, repairs are made regularly in order to avoid problems from taking place when the bus is being used.

In case there is an emergency that occurs in the middle of the road, the buses are equipped with tools that can help get you back on the road. And also, there is a 24/7 assistance from our office that can go to the location and provide the necessary repairs or a spare bus that ensures minimal troubles on your part as a client.


We all know how boring it can get when you have to travel for hours. That’s why some groups prefer hiring a charter bus. The good thing about our charter bus is that it is an experience on its own. It has WiFi access, not to mention, an entertainment system that can keep everyone preoccupied during the trip.

Choosing a chartered bus company is not as simple as it may seem. In fact, there are a number of considerations that you will have to make from the price range to the type of buses that you can get from the company. With Continental Charter Bus Shreveport, you can expect the best service. Choose from premium buses that can give your children a safe and comfortable trip.

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